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Chest X ray showing “mass” in right lung due to fluid which resolved without thoracocentesis

CT Scan of thorax showing a tumour in the left pulmonary artery (simulating blood clot/ pulmonary embolism)

Bronchoscopic appearance of a rare benign tumour (lipoma) removed by bronchoscopy with Argon Plasma Coagulation

Stenting of the trachea and right main stem bronchus

Rare lung cancer involving trachea; Biopsy showed mucoepidermoid cancer

Flexible bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia

Rigid brochoscopy under general anaesthesia

PET scan appearance of an unusual right lung tumour – turned out to be pulmonary lymphoma (a rare tumour in the lung)

Doctor consultation

Flexible bronchoscopy under local anaesthesia

A foreign body (dental implant) lodged in the left lung

Foreign body (dental implant) removal from lung via bronchoscopy

13 year-old undergoing a lung function test (Spirometry) and Methacholine Challenge test

Coughing of blood due to aspergilloma (fungus ball)


Cancer of oesophagus post chemo and radiotherapy (RT). Develops persistent cough and above CT shows tracheoesophageal fistula necessitating bronchoscopy and stenting


Rare lung tumor due to Oncocytoma was removed via Bronchoscopy (previously thought to be adenoid cystic cancer)


Uncommon airway tumor – Carcinoid Tumor


Carcinoid tumor – removed by bronchoscopy and laser


Right lung nodule which turned out to be stage 0 lung cancer

Lung specialist A/Prof Philip Eng, who practises at Philip Eng Respiratory & Medical Clinic, specialises in respiratory and critical care management with a focus on evidence-based medicine and patient care. If you suspect you have a respiratory condition, get in touch with the clinic for more information or to book an appointment.