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Chest X ray showing “mass” in right lung due to fluid which resolved without thoracocentesis

CT Scan of thorax Showing a tumour in the left pulmonary artery (simulating blood clot/ pulmonary embolism)

Bronchoscopic appearance of a rare benign tumour (lipoma) removed by bronchoscopy with Argon Plasma Coagulation

Stenting of the trachea and right main stem bronchus

Rare lung cancer involving trachea; Biopsy showed mucoepidermoid cancer

Flexible bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia

Rigid brochoscopy under general anaesthesia

PET scan appearance of an unusual right lung tumour – turned out to be pulmonary lymphoma (a rare tumour in the lung

Doctor consultation

Flexible bronchoscopy under local anaesthesia

A foreign body (dental implant) lodged in the left lung

Foreign body (dental implant) removal from lung via bronchoscopy

13 year-old undergoing a lung function test (Spirometry) and Methacholine Challenge test